I received a letter with a coupon for 'up to' a trade in value for my old car and a New Car discount and incentives from Rick Case and Hyundai combined. The discount on a new car is substantial, exceeding $4,000 on specific models.

We decided that instead of a new car, we would see about a new car since the deal on a new one would bring the price down to nearly a used car. We took our letter to the dealer and asked the manager if the discounts in the letter applied only to those models named. The answer was 'there are SIMILIAR discounts on other models". We chose a car and gave them out letter, which had NO disclosure of having to 'qualify' for discounts.

The Hyundai manager came back with 1/3 the discount on my letter.

SIMILIAR?! CLASSIC BAIT AND SWITCH. Their advertising was false.

I'm very disappointed about the deception just to get me in the dealer so I could be pressured into purchasing a car at THEIR price and not the advertised price.

I didn't like: Bait and switch.

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