Pissed off with Rick Case Honda in Duluth. Used my car as trade in for daughter's first car.

Sales person convinced me that rather than paying off the balance and using car as trade in. they could pay it off sooner and work the paperwork. Daughter drives car home on 3rd of December. They finally fax power of attorney to me week later I return it with pay off for my Audi.

I get calls from Audi about past due payment. Honda says they need daughter to complete customer satisfaction survey before bank will finance the deal (really?). Daughter completes survey. Finance says they will contact Audi and pay-off since they already have my money.

Course they dont. Manager refers me to finance. Finance refers me to accounting. Accounting finally calls and says company policy is not to pay-off until bank has financed the deal.

We argue about whether my pay-off sent to them was down-payment or pay-off. She claims deal finally financed on 29th and will call Audi today on 5th of Jan to get pay-off amount!

Still searching website to find way to call Rita and Rick Case directly. Not likely to do business again with them.

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I am in the car business and have no affiliation with this company, The customer who has wrote this complaint has made a complaint about the car not being "FINANCED". I believe the term he is looking for is FUNDED.

The "SURVEY" is no doubt a customer interview required by a lender on a high risk loan.

It is not uncommon for a dealer to wait to make a payoff on a trade in on one of these loans until the deal is in fact FUNDED. As there are reasons that the bank may not by the note until job, income,residence, and reference information is verified.


Here is how to contact Rick and Rita Case

Rick and Rita Case



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