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My deal was that Rick Case paid the 1st payment and that I get free maintenance. After several hours of haggling, I was tired and let my guard down after signing what seemed like dozens of papers.

A few days later I discovered that I paid the 1st payment AND I paid $600 for my free maintenance. They said for my wife to come in when we complained (I was unable due to work) and then said too bad, goodbye. What a bunch of cheating @ssholes.

I will never ever deal with these lowlifes again. Why didn't I get a Toyota?

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thats strange, this customer didnt pay the first payment, just tax, tag and bank fee, this customer was at $275 a month with no maintenance, went into finance and demanded it, I backed it out of the selling price but had to show the cost on the contract, so he left at $275 including maintenance, the customer now understands it, didnt want it and recieved a full refund oh! and also apologized since, but you never got that part of the story

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